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Are you ready to organize your printed photos but aren’t sure exactly what tools and supplies would be handy? Let me the guesswork out of that question for you. These are tools and supplies that I use in my personal photo organizing as well as with my client’s photos.

Print Photo Organizing & Sorting Tools

Having the proper tools can make the process of organizing your printed photos go more quickly and make it easier too. These supplies will help you with the basic of organizing your printed photos.

  • Cotton Gloves (for handing photos and protect them from the oils on your hands)
  • Sticky Notes (for making notes and attaching to back of photos)
  • Evernote (note taking app), notepad or computer (for making notes about the photo’s story)
  • Stabilo Pencils (photo safe for writing on the back of photos)
  • Photo Safe Pens (for writing on the back of photos)
  • Photo Cleaning Cloth (for removing dust and fingerprints)
  • Dust Mask (for the dust old photos tend to have, especially if you have allergies)
  • Canned Air (for removing dust)Index cards or card stock (for separating your groups of photos when you sort)
  • Garbage bags (for throwing our all those duplicates!

Tools to Organize Your Printed Photos | from

Photo Removal Tools

When you want to remove your photos from old (non-safe) albums, sometimes the photos are stuck to the page. These tools will help you release them from the pages.

For more detailed tips on dealing with those pesky “magnetic” albums, check out this post and video.

Photo Boxes & Storage

Once you have your photos organized, you need to store them safely. High quality photo boxes are a great choice as are archival file folders and sleeves.

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Photo Albums

You may choose to put your photos back into albums. These are some good, quality choices.


Once you organize your printed photos, I strongly suggest that you scan them. You can have someone do it for you or you can do it yourself. If you are a DIYer, these are scanners that I use and recommend.


Tools to Organize Your Printed Photos | from

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Tools to Organize Your Printed Photos | from