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Garage - Before

Garage - After

Desk - Before

Desk - After

Cabinet - Before

Cabinet - After

Master Closet - Before

Master Closet - After

Girl's Bedroom - Before

Girl's Bedroom - After

School Storage - Before

School Storage - After

It felt empowering to “own” my stuff instead of it “owning” me!

Candi J.

Andi helped me to not stress over if I don’t get things done that need to get done. I, now, make a list and try to do the first thing on my list. When it is done, I go to the next thing on my list. Andi helped me to plan ahead and to declutter and to get rid of things that I am not using.

Julie H.

Our detached garage desperately needed some organization help. Thanks to your skills, it looks 1,000 times better than before. We have loved the makeover!

Cara C.

Thanks for helping me think clearer about my files ! I found out how to separate, eliminate and label folders and it is so reassuring to have that “mysterious stack” of papers get organized!

Andi showed me how to simplify my life and organize my home! It’s an amazing feeling not to have “stuff” everywhere. I felt like a million bucks when we were finished!

Liz L.

I think Andi does a great job at helping people go through their items and clean out what they really don’t need. The end result is a place of order, which we all really want and need to run a happy household. I am glad I found her and sometimes we just need an impartial person to step between us and the clutter and say, “Do you really need that?” Because guess what, most of the time, we don’t.

Cristina A.

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