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Spring Fling Decluttering Challenge: Day 27 - Coats & Jackets | GoodLifeOrganizing.net

Spring Fling Day 27 – Coats and Jackets

Winter is over, thank goodness! Today let’s start flinging with your coats and jackets. Go through your closets and fling the coats that have been outgrown, are getting ratty or you just plain don’t wear anymore. And let’s face it, as cold has it has been this winter, if you have jackets you haven’t worn this year, you probably aren’t going to wear them in the future. If you have speciality coats like ski jackets that you wear infrequently, don’t let them take up vital real estate in your hall closet. Move them to an extra room or box them up and put them in the attic.

Now go flinging!  Please come back and tell me how many coats and jackets you were able to fling today.

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