Welcome to the Spring Fling, a 30 Day Decluttering Challenge. Join us every day in April to start flinging the clutter from your life!

Spring Fling Decluttering Challenge: Day 19 - Nail Polish & Perfume | GoodLifeOrganizing.net

Spring Fling Day 19: Nail Polish & Perfume

It’s time to fling your old nail polish and perfume. Gather all your nail polish into one place and toss any polish that is separated, dried, or that you’ve never really liked. Get out the old and make room for new spring colors.

Also take a minute to fling your old perfume. You know that the scent that makes you sneeze, the bottle that your mother-in-law gave you, the one with just a drop left. If you are keeping perfume bottles just because you think they’re pretty, consider if their aesthetic value is worth that the clutter they create and the dusting you have to do.

Now go flinging!  Please come back and tell me how many nail polishes and perfume bottles you were able to fling today.

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