September is Save Your Photo Month from

Summer’s over and school’s back in session. This makes September the perfect time for Save Your Photos Month.

What is Save Your Photos Month (SYPM)?

SYPM began as Save Your Photos Day as few years ago as a public service outreach campaign to inspire and teach individuals how to preserve their precious family photos, videos and documents from accident or disaster. Spearheaded by the Association of Personal Photo Organizers the event has grown to a month long campaign featuring lots of local and online events and a daily photo preservation tip delivered directly to your email box.

The goal of SYPM is to inspire you to take a step, any step, big or small, towards safeguarding your family’s photographic memories.

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Why Should You Care about Save Your Photos Month?


  • Do you take pictures? 
  • Do you have printed pictures in your home?
  • Do you take pictures on your phone? 
  • What would you do if your house burned to the ground? 
  • What would you do if your cell phone fell into the pool? 
  • What would happen to all of your precious photos if something bad happened?

That is why you should care about SYPM. More than likely if your photos (print or digital) were to disappear, you would be heartbroken. Stuff like clothes and the new couch can be replaced but if you haven’t taken the steps to safeguard your photos, you are out of luck.

So What Should I Do?

Step 1: Visit the SYPM Blog

Visit the SYPM website and read the many helpful blogs found there.

Step 2: Check Out the Events

Take the Save Your Photo Month pledgeCheck the Save Your Photos website for any events that may be happening in your area by entering your zip code. If you are looking for an online event, look for the blue map pins.



Step 3: Take Action

Here’s a few ideas from the SYPM site to get you started.

So now’s the time to save your photos!

September is Save Your Photo Month from

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