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We all know that our photos help us to connect with friends and family. Our photos tell the story of our lives and the lives of the people around us. But can they help us connect with strangers? Absolutely!

The Story of My Life

Recently a couple of photo organizing colleagues challenged the attendees at a conference seminar to create a short video using photos to tell the story of our lives. Their own videos were so cute and compelling that I couldn’t imagine creating something that would compare, even though I make video slideshows for clients all the time. But I gave it the old college try and condensed my 45 years into 3 minutes and 16 seconds. Here’s my story.

What followed is what really made me stop and think. I shared the video on a private Facebook group for the Association of Personal Photo Organizers. The group has almost 600 members who are scattered all over the globe. Since I posted the video I have had:

  1. one photo organizer tell me she attended the same Girl Scout camp as I did in Ten Sleep, WY in the 1980s,
  2. another tell me she lived in the same town where I was born when I was born and her daughter is about my age,
  3. and a third who went to the same college as I did at the same time, roomed with one of my high school friends, knew another high school friend and joined a sorority when I did and our sororities had events together. So 20 odd years later we have discovered this shared history and the fact that we were probably in the same room together several times in college. 
 Andi-Troy-dance.jpeg July 3, 2016 276 kB 1273 × 1919 Edit Image Delete Permanently URL

My husband and I during the college year. So young…

Such a small world and it’s all because of pictures.

Finding a Loved One

On the same Facebook group a fellow photo organizer shared a photo she had scanned for a client. She had no previous connection with this client but in that photo collection the organizer found a picture of her own husband from a parade in the mid 1980s. Another organizer joined the conversation and said she found herself (!) in the background of a client’s vacation pictures. Talk about making a connection!

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Sharing To Connect

Simply said the reason we take pictures is to preserve memories but also to share them. When we share them with the world, whether through a photo book or Facebook, we are sharing our life, our past and looking for connections with others. There is no more important reason to digitize your printed photos and to safeguard your digital photos. I want you to be able to share YOUR story with the world. You never know who might see it and connect!

If getting your photographs organized seems too overwhelming or too time consuming for you, consider hiring a Personal Photo Organizer. You can find one near you through the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.

Using Photos To Make A Human Connection |


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