The Storm Has Passed: Photo Recovery After A Disaster |

Whether you have just had a hurricane inundate your home with flood waters or your water heater burst and drowned the closet, if your photos have been damaged you will need some photo recovery after a disaster.

I personally have never had to deal with this dilemma myself but as a Certified Personal Photo Organizer I have many colleagues who have and who generously share their knowledge. Today I’m want to pass those resources on to you.

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Water Damaged Photo Recovery

Working With A Water Damaged Photos Mini Course

Free mini course presented by The Association of Personal Photo Organizers. This course is for photo organizers, disaster response volunteers, and individuals who will be working with water damaged photos.  Participants will explore the steps involved in working with photos, negatives, and slides that have been in contact with water from accidental spillage, floods, and other disasters.

What To Do When Disaster Strikes Your Photos

Kathy Stone of Calgary Photo Solutions has witnessed major flooding in Alberta and subsequently she helped many people save their photos after they were damaged by flood water. Kathy offers easy and step by step solutions to save wet photos.

Photo Recovery Disaster Help

The photo experts at The Association of Personal Photo Organizers in collaboration with many other industry partners have put together a list of resources that can help in many situations.

A Consumer Guide for the Recovery of Water-Damaged Traditional and Digital Prints.

The Image Permanence Institute has very detailed and well researched instructions for recover your water damaged photos. 

Recommendations for Cleaning and Restoring Damaged Photos and Albums

Recommendations from the photo experts at FujiFilms

VIDEO: Rescuing Photos

Our friends at Flip-Pal Mobile Scanners have a short video series highlighting some real-life photo recoveries.

Hurricane Harvey Photo Recover Facebook Group

Local photo organizers and volunteers are on the ground in Texas helping recover their water damaged photos.

Next Time: Be Prepared

If you weren’t affected by the latest disaster, now is a good time to disaster-proof your family’s precious photo collection.

Steps you can take include:

If you would like a Professional Photo Organizer assess your photo situation to help you better prepare for a disaster, find one near you at

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The Storm Has Passed: Photo Recovery After A Disaster |