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One of my favorite things to give is a photo gift. It may be a photo book from a trip or a coffee mug with pictures of all the grandkids or a Christmas ornament of the newlywed couple. There is just something extra special about giving a gift with a precious photo on it.

Last year I started scanning my mother-in-law’s lifetime of photos. At Christmas I made her a photo book of old family photos of her ancestors, her immediate family and her growing up in rural North Carolina and Virginia. She called to thank me multiple times for the book and even took it on a “book tour” (her words) to show her siblings and her oldest, dearest friends. When is the last time you got that kind of reaction from a sweater or a necktie?

Photo Gift Ideas |

A page from the photo book I made my mother-in-law

I’ve asked some of my home and photo organizing friends to share their favorite photo related gift ideas. There’s still plenty of time to get them made for this Christmas or you can get a jump on next year! And remember to give photo gifts for other holidays and birthdays as well. Hang on to the end and I am sharing a few of my favorite photo-related gift items.

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Photo Gift Ideas |

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Photo Gift Ideas |

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Photo Gift Ideas |

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Photo Gift Ideas |

Other Photo Related Gift Ideas

Finally, these aren’t photo gifts per se, but they are great gifts for the photographer and photo lover in your life.

NixPlay Wifi Digital Frame

NixPlay Wifi Digital Frame | Gift Giving Guide: Organizing Gifts for the Entire Family | The NixPlay Wifi Digital Frame is a game changer. No need to mess with SD cards or USB drives or cords to add photos to the frame. Send pictures to the frame directly from your phone! Some models even have a motion sensor so they turn on when you walk by. I just bought one for my mom and was amazed at the quality of the images, so crisp and clear.

Picture Keeper

Picture Keeper | Gift Giving Guide: Organizing Gifts for the Entire Family | The Picture Keeper can be a great part of your digital photo backup system. Just plug it in, run the software and it will find and backup all of the images on your computer.

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner | Gift Giving Guide: Organizing Gifts for the Entire Family | I’ve recently talked about how much I like the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner. It is portable and versatile, great for scanning small batches of loose photos and documents as well as those photos such in Grandma’s album.

Eyefi Mobi WiFi Memory Card

Eye-Fi Wi-fi enabled SD Card | Gift Giving Guide: Organizing Gifts for the Entire Family | This WiFii Enabled SD Card makes cords and adapters a thing of the past. Using your home’s wifi network you can easily transfer photos from your DSLR camera. Last year on the day after Christmas my family went to a local waterfall. A photographer took our picture and using his wifi card emailed me the photo within a few minutes. Genius!

For other organizing related gifts, check out our Gift Guide.

Photo Gift Ideas |

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