Do you take daily vitamins? How about daily prescriptions or other over-the-counter medicine? How many of you are like me and forget about taking those daily pills on a regular basis?

How to Organize How You Take Your Medicines and Supplements |

By integrating a few simple reminder systems you can take your medicine and supplements on a more consistent basis. And that’s better for your body and your health.

Daily Medicines and Supplements

If you take medicines and supplements on a daily basis, try a simple pill organizer. Before I started using a pill organizer, I could never remember if I’d taken my daily pills or not.  I have been known to take a pill and 10 minutes later forget if I’d taken it. (Yes, somedays I feel like Dory with short-term memory loss.) This may not be a big deal if I double up on my Vitamin C pills but it could be dangerous if I take multiple does of my prescription thyroid meds.  

How to Organize How You Take Your Medicines and Supplements |

I prefer the day of the week pill organizers that allow you to space out everything you need to take over the week.  I recommend getting several of them so you can parcel out your medicines in bulk and supplements every few weeks. 

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If you have to take medicine at various times during the day, go ahead and get a multi-day, multi-time pill keeper. This will save many headaches and help eliminate confusion.

Watch my video on how to organize taking your medicines and how to make a sick kit.

Prescription Medicine and Supplements

If you are taking a shorter term prescription medication such as an antibiotic or steroid, you may only need to remember to take that medicine for a short amount of time.

One way to keep up with your prescribed doses is using a dry erase board. Create a chart that shows when you need to take your meds. As you take them, make a tick mark in the appropriate spot. Memory jogged! 

Don’t have a dry erase board handy? You can make the same kind of chart directly on your bathroom mirror using a dry erase pen. When you are done taking the medication, a swipe of a paper towel will clean it right off. Or go old school and write it on a piece of paper and put it with your medication.

How to Organize How You Take Your Medicines and Supplements |

Use a dry erase marker to write your medication schedule direct on the mirror.


How to Organize How You Take Your Medicines and Supplements |

Just check off when you’ve taken your medication


How to Organize How You Take Your Medicines and Supplements |

When you are done with that prescription, just wipe it away.

Another helpful method is to actually write a chart of when you need to take the medication directly onto the medicine container. Checking off the doses as they are taken can be extremely helpful especially when multiple people are giving medicine to younger children or older relatives. I used this system recently when I had 2 different medications to take on completely different schedules. I kept me from missing any doses.

How to Organize How You Take Your Medicines and Supplements |

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Of course long term and chronic illnesses may require more sophisticated systems than these, but for the most part these quick, easy systems can help keep your medicine and supplement taking on track.

Digital Reminders

If you need to take medication at a very specific time every day (or even several times a day), go digital. Use the reminder function on your phone or set an alarm on your watch. Some times our days get so busy that it’s easy to slip up and forget. Let your technology do the work for you.

So, how to you keep track of taking your medicine and supplements? If you have a great tip, please share it in the comments.

How to Organize How You Take Your Medicine and Supplements |