Do NOT Put Your Photos in the Dishwasher |

Do you ever see something on social media that just puts your teeth on edge? I mean it gets under your skin and you just can’t thinking about it. For me I try to avoid conversations on politics and religion since I am very non-confrontational by nature and for the most part I keep my opinions to myself in such a public forum. But this week that all changed.

Just Don’t Do It

I woke up one morning to a meme on Facebook declaring you should put all of your precious family photos in the dishwasher because it is waterproof and it unlikely to move during the storm. Did you see it to? When I read this I had a visceral reaction. No, no, no, NO, NO, NO!! Please DON”T DO THIS every fiber of my being screamed. And as the day went on I saw the meme again and again and again. When I got home that night I realized I needed to do something, so I wrote this post.

Do NOT Put Your Photos in the Dishwasher |

I have since been in conversations with several photo organizers about this and we all agree that this is not a good situation. Dishwashers are meant to keep water in and many never fully drain even in normal use. When a storm raises the ground water, household pipes can back up and fill the dishwasher with water so your precious photos and documents would literally be drowned. Also, just because your dishwasher is set inside your cabinets, it is not immune. In strong flood waters, doors can be ripped off appliances and appliances can be moved across the house. Even agrees.

What To Do With Your Photos Before the Disaster Strikes

The #1 best situation if you have to evacuate is to take your photos with you, but of course this may NOT be an option.

The next best thing is to safely prepare with these tips from Save Your Photos. Backup your digital files in multiple ways if you have time. Double-triple wrap your print photos and photo books in plastic and put is a plastic tub. Store as high in your home as possible and preferable in a small space like a closet so they won’t be as likely to fall over and spill out.

Obviously nothing is a perfect solution and things happen all the time. I just want you to be smart about things from the beginning and not make a choice that could have bad consequences.

So please do NOT put your photos in the dishwasher! There…rant over, I feel better now.

Do NOT Put Your Photos in the Dishwasher |