Get My Printed Photos Organized

Get Your Printed Photos Organized Self Paced Organizing Course from Good Life Organizing

Take your printed photos
from a cluttered mess to an easy-to-enjoy collection!


Organize, store and protect your family’s precious photographs

by using the tried and true process found in the

Get My Printed Photos Organized DIY Organizing Guide.

It’s time to tackle your printed photos
once and for all!

Get Your Printed Photos Organized from

Do any of these sound familiar?

– You don’t know where to find your child’s first day of school pictures.

– Your printed pictures are scattered all over the house.

– You have duplicates and triplicates of all your photos.

– All of your pictures are in a bin, but they are getting bent, ripped and are stuck together.

– Your photo albums are packed in a box in the attic.

– You can’t remember the last time looked at your wedding album.

Would you like to…

– Have all of your printed photos in one spot?

– Be able to enjoy your pictures anytime you want?

– Find that exact picture you are looking for in a matter of minutes?

– Safeguard your printed photos by scanning them?

– Store your pictures safely for future generations?

The Get My Printed Photos Organized DIY Organizing Guide

will help you do all of those things…and more!

Meet Your Instructor

Andi Willis

The Get My Print Photos Organized guide was created and designed by Certified Personal Photo Organizer Andi Willis. Andi is the owner and chief organizer of Good Life Organizing as well as a bloggerauthor and video host.

Andi is dedicated to helping families who are overwhelmed by their photos to organize, preserve and safeguard their precious family heirlooms. Through blogs, videos, courses and personal consulting Andi helps others transform their pictures from a chaotic mess to an easy-to-mange and easy-to-enjoy collection.

Andi lives in Perry, GA with her husband Troy, their two children, one dog, three cats and a bunny (not her idea). In her limited free time Andi enjoys watching her kids in the marching band, reading, running, yoga and cheering on her husband in his triathlons. See the story of Andi’s life here.

Andi is a member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers as well as the National Association of Professional Organizers.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Organize

Your Printed Photos Now!

So you can find the picture you are looking for whenever you want.

So you can safeguard and preserve your precious family photos and the stories.

So you can protect your pictures from potential damage and loss.

So you can reclaim space throughout your home .

It will make you happy. (Do you really need another reason?)

Get My Printed Photos Organized Self Paced Organizing Course from Good Life Organizing

The Get My Printed Photos Organized DIY Organizing Guide covers everything from planning to scanning.

When you purchase this guide you will instantly receive a PDF of the guide. It is 98 pages that are chock full of step-by-step instructions and helpful tips as well as 10 printables to help keep you on track.

Here’s what’s included in each of the 6 modules:

(Click on the + sign to see what is in each module)

Module 1: Getting Started

Hunt & Gather

  • Find All Your Printed Photos
  • Put It All In One Place
  • Take a Count
Module 2: What Do I Do With It All?

Make A Plan

  • Evaluate What You Have
  • Questions to Ask Yourself
  • Make Your Plan
  • Make a Family Timeline
  • How Will You Sort?
Module 3: Doing the Work

The Process

  • Gather Your Supplies
  • Purging
  • How to Date Pictures
  • Sorting Loose Pictures
  • Removing Pictures from Albums
Module 4: Scanning


  • Scanning Options
  • Self-Scanning Best Practices
  • Scanning Services
  • Naming Your Digital Files
Module 5: How to Store Your Photos

Storing Printed Photos

  • Ways to Store Slides and Negatives
  • Where To Store Your Storage Containers
  • Final Labelling in Photo Storage Box
  • Storing & Backing Up Digital Images
Module 6 - The Best Part...The Stories

Capturing and Sharing Your Stories

  • Capture the Story of the Picture
  • Share the Stories and the Pictures
  • The End
  • About the Author
  • Where Are My Printed Photos?
  • Questions to Ask Myself
  • My Photo Organizing Plan
  • Printed Photo Inventory
  • Family Timeline
  • Family Timeline Chart
  • Individual Timeline
  • My Photo Organizing Workflow
  • Photo Organizing Suggested Supply List
  • My Notes
Get My Printed Photos Organized Self Paced Organizing Course