Create A Family Photo Tradition | GoodLifeOrganizing.netDo you have a family photo tradition? One particular pose that you capture year after year, one group of loved ones that you get together every so often and capture the moment. Family photo traditions are a fabulous way to tell your life’s story.

Family Photo Tradition: The Kids and The Old Man

In my family we have several photo traditions. One started when my daughter was in First grade. We lived in the small town of Ridgway, PA where every winter the Ridgway Rendezvous Chainsaw Carving Festival was held. At the 2006 festival we purchased a 4 ½ foot tall carving who we affectionately named The Old Man and placed on our front porch. When the fall came and my daughter started 1st grade it seemed as good of a place as any to take the ubiquitous first day of school photo. And a family photo tradition was born.

Creating a Family Photo Tradition |

Lauren and the Old Man, the beginning of a tradition

Now my kids are in middle school and high school, but every first (and last) day of school they grudgingly stand next to the old man to have their photos taken. I have told them that until they are done with college we will take their picture there. It’s our family photo tradition.

Creating a Family Photo Tradition |

Benefits of a Family Photo Tradition

Creating a family photo tradition can be as simple as a photo of the kids by the Christmas tree every year or as complex as recreating the same picture in the same poses over many years. Regardless of how you do it, having these traditions can benefit you family in many ways.

  • It captures a series of moments in time.
  • It gives you a sense of family history.
  • It gives you something to look forward to and to look bak on.
  • It gives you something to smile and laugh at as time goes on.
  • It helps you remember your loved ones who are no longer with you.
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Start a Family Photo Tradition

Don’t really have a family photo tradition? It’s not too late to start. 

Consider taking a family picture at every holiday in a certain place in your home or on a family favorite outing. Or just build on a photo you’ve already taken.

Recreate an old photo.  That is what my cousins and I have done. In 1988 my 3 cousins, my sister and I took a photo on our beach vacation. At this time we were in early college, high school and elementary school. Flash forward until 1998 and we recreated the pose. That year for Christmas we reprinted the original picture, printed the new photo and had them both framed and presented them to our Grandmother.  Flash forward again to 2015 and we were once again at our family’s annual beach vacation. By now we are all adults with children of our own. Much to the chagrin of said children, we again recreated the photo, awkward pose and all. It is such a treasured family tradition that I bet the next time all 5 of us are together at the beach we’ll do it again.

Creating a Family Photo Tradition |

The 1988 Version of the Cousins Photo

Creating a Family Photo Tradition |

The 2015 Version of the Cousin Photo

What is your family’s photo tradition? I’d love to see your pictures!

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Create A Family Photo Tradition |