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If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to managing your boxes of memorabilia and old photos, I have some great advice for you. More specifically I asked my professional organizing and photo organizing colleagues for their best advice to help you as you try to preserve your memories and honor your past.

Adriel Brophy of The Intrepid Declutterer

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Letting go of something doesn’t mean you will forget the person who gave it to you! Just that you’d rather treasure the memory than keep a thing.

Heather Burke of

Write a story about why you have certain objects/items and what they mean to you.

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Carolyn Caldwell of Altered Organization

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One of life’s tragedies is the lost link with ancestors. Label the pictures you keep, better still keep them in a book format, with a story, so that down the road they will be meaningful to later generations.

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Audrey Cupo of A Better Space

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Limit the space in which you store them if they are not displayed and review them annually to be sure you get the same emotional reaction you did last year. Over time our feelings can change and certain items are not as relevant to us as they were.

Darla DeMorrow of Heartwork Organizing

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Store kid’s artwork carefully from the moment it comes in the door so it doesn’t get ruined. Separate it from household paper clutter, and display it for everyone to appreciate. Dynamic Frames are a great way to do this, keeping those masterpieces safe until you are ready to turn them into a digital album.

Andi’s Note: You can also scan the art work and display it in a digital frame like the Nixplay, one of my favorites.

Isabelle Dervaux of Isabelle Dervaux, Photo Organizer

Any artwork with large white background is not going to scan very well. Photograph anything that is too big to scan with even light. Don’t hesitate to crop children’s art when you make a book to direct the eye.

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Natalie Gallagher of Refined Room Blog

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My best advice is to 1) set ground rules and limits up front for how much “real estate” you are willing to devote to memorabilia storage in your home, and 2) Honor your memorabilia by Incorporating it into your daily life and/or displaying it in meaningful ways.

Caroline Guntur of The Swedish Organizer

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Don’t forget to write down the story behind it! So often we have heirlooms that gets stored but not shared! Make sure future generations understand why it was important enough to save!

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Christina Hidek of Streamlined Living

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I always ask- do you want the item or the memory of the item? If it’s the latter, will a picture of it suffice?

Amy Hoogervorst of

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I take photos of anything bulky or oversized and find a way to put those photos into my digital photo books. If I’m lugging home lots of brochures and items from a trip, when I create my photo book (if digital), I scan in a colorful, representative sample of those printed keepsakes, use the details from the brochures in my journaling, and then recycle the brochures when I’m done.

What is your favorite way to honor your memorabilia? You can check out Part 2 here!

How to Deal With Your Memorabilia: Part 1 Advice from Organizing Experts | Good Life Organizing

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