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I don’t know about you but I am a very visual person. That’s probably why I like Pinterest so much. When you are ready to undertake a closet makeover, it helps to look at some examples that can get your closet organizing juices flowing!

Be Flexible

A child’s closet needs to be able to adjust as they grow. Not only is a unit like this easy to install, but easy to change as the child grows.



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Add A Splash of Color

This closet makeover proves that a closet doesn’t have to be boring. A fun paint color or wall paper can make your boring closet into a masterpiece that you want to keep orderly.

Go Vertical

I love using vertical space to its fullest. For the guy (or gal) with tons of hats (that he or she actually wear), installing hooks on a wall on which to hang the hats is great for display and storage. This system has worked well for my son.



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Another fantastic use of a blank wall space during your closet makeover is to install curtain rods and S-hooks to hang jewelry and scarves on an unused wall space.

11 Pictures to Inspire Your Closet Makeover - goodlifeorganizing.net


Make It Lower

This closet proves that all of your hanging doesn’t have to be at eye level. If most of your clothes are separates, you could have a lower rod with much more accessible shelves above.

Maximize Your Space

This closet makeover uses every inch of available space well. You can see everything that is stored here, all the hangers match and are appropriate for the types of clothes and it mixes 3 different height hanging areas. This is a great customized space.

My favorite thing about this closet is that they used every inch of space all the way to the ceiling and added a built in shoe shelf in a small area, too small for hanging clothes. Also the use of baskets and bins gives everything a neat, tidy look.

Use the Forgotten Spaces

Another overlooked vertical space is the back of the door. Over the door shoe organizers are awesome tools to utilize this space. For more ideas on using over the door shoe organizers around your house, read our 50+ ways to use over the door organizers post.

Corral Your Shoes

One of the best ways to corral your shoe collection is to get them off the floor, out of the boxes and onto shelves. These have been custom built, but you could also use inexpensive book shelves.

Maximize the Corners

Another great use of an underutilized corner. Adding simple wire shelves makes this space more useful than if you used it for hanging items.

You don’t have to even have a closet to have a fabulous place to hang your clothes. This small apartment dweller took a few feet at the end of the bedroom to create an ultimate closet makeover. It’s even pretty to look at.

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Dreams of the Ultimate Closet Makeover

This final one is over the top, very staged, and not what normal closets look like at all, but I still like looking at it. Hope you do too!

What inspires you to keep your closet organized?

11 Pictures to Inspire Your Closet Makeover | GoodLifeOrganizing.net

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